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State of HTML

The annual developer survey about the web platform

While web developers tend to focus on JavaScript and CSS, none of what we do would be possible without HTML acting as the foundation.

It has long seemed like HTML wasn't evolving, but things may be changing. New elements like <selectlist> are on the horizon, cool new features like popovers, and a swath of related browser APIs (Web Components, PWAs, etc.).

This year, Lea Verou took on the formidable task of leading the design of this brand new survey, from content to UX and beyond.

Building on the success of State of JS and State of CSS, we introduce State of HTML; the last missing piece that completes the trilogy, so we can track the evolution of the web platform as a whole.

Benefits to you:

  • Survey results are used by browsers and standards groups for roadmap prioritization. Your responses can help get features you care about implemented, browser incompatibilities being prioritized, and gaps in the platform being addressed.
  • Learn about new and upcoming features; add features to your reading list and get a list of resources at the end!
  • Get a personalized knowledge score and see how you compare to other respondents

The survey will be open for 3 weeks, but responses entered within the first 9 days (until October 1st) will have a much higher impact on the Web, as preliminary data will be used for certain prioritization efforts that have deadlines before then.

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